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The Keršmanc Park is becoming a more and more attractive green spot of the town. This is thanks to Kamfest that led the programme for children and families away from the hot August asphalt and hard granite blocks. The site was welcomed with enthusiasm from the start, as there is more and more little feet running the grass in the shadow of the mighty trees and curious eyes following the programme and carefully observing the happening. The programme invites us to join creative workshops, sports games or just lying on the river bank.

The visitors sensed the potential of the park, as the gravel paths see more and more kindergarten groups, fathers riding bikes and mothers with baby carriages who occasionally join to have a party while walking. On evenings, the banks are occupied by love birds, outgoing youth and everyone seeking shelter from the heat. Besides offering a quality programme, one of the main aspirations when organizing a festival as Kamfest is to have a sustainable influence on the revival of the park.

This year’s Children's Stage will witness dancing, probably singing and most definitely circus tricks of Čupakabra, carefully selected theatre and puppet shows of the Fru Fru and Unikat theatres, accompanied by the local Šinšin Dance Club. You might meet a clown but you will definitely meet a pirate. ArrrrgGGggHHhHhhh!

In the beginning of the 20th century the Park was adjacent to the renown Kamnik Spa Kurhaus, whose lawns were trodden by bare feet of the noble emperor Franz Joseph. The “black millers”* buried his monument somewhere in the gunpowder factory to protect it from being destroyed by the new owners. Lastly, by arrival of the train, Kamnik became a town with the final railway station.

* Popular expression for gunpowder factory workers. Work at the gunpowder factory is regarded one of the most perilous occupations in the world.



Kamfest supports creators of unique products. Before surrendering your ears to music, stop and check out the offer at the stands. In the wide range of interesting products, distinguished by accurate finish and remarkable stories, something will surely catch your eye. The fair is open every festival day from 5 pm!



every day at 8 pm in the Keršmanc Park

The Main Stage, the mascot and view of Kamfest, will move from to the Mali Grad Hill to the main Kamnik park for a year. This year's festival with a view preserves the view over Kamnik Hills, though without the ladder, porters walking sturdy to the top of the Mali Grad Hill and (to regret of our last year's volunteer leader) without the traditional Kamfest sport event - the run to Mali Grad Hill with a “feršterker” (guitar amplifier). But, we promise, he will get the chance to run to the chapel next year.

Stage on the grass. And the programme that goes with it: leisurely evenings with soft piano voices of Silence, gentle swaying during Hamo's: “Rože rože rožiceeee”, post rock nodding to the beat of distorted South Korean traditional instruments of Jambinai and kicking grass tufts with the Serbian dub-reggae-ska band Zaa. There will be programme and room for everyone.


Friday, 11th Aug.: Jardier
indie rock

The band of five members, whose music is characterised by the distinctive narrative vocal of the author and singer Alex, accompanied by live artful and contemporary band arrangements, while still preserving a taste of tradition springing from blues, folk and Americana. Their almost two-year-old album has received positive appraisal among the lay audience as well as music critics, which makes it no wonder they are performing on various locations at home and abroad.

Saturday, 12th Aug.: Silence
Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World

Duo Silence, the space of creation of Boris Benko and Primož Hladnik, has long since overstepped the boundary of what we call a cult band. Their fantastic obsession with musical perfectionism has culminated in the album Musical Accompaniment for the End of the World. On the first Saturday of Kamfest, the Main Stage will host exuberant voices, two pianos and some synthetic sounds.

Sunday, 13th Aug.: Jambinai
post rock

The South Korean band Jambinai may at times use classic post-rock forms, slowly building up the atmosphere all the way to the screaming ecstatic eruptions, yet, this band is much more. Its unique and instantly recognizable sound interweaves the classic instruments with traditional Korean instruments - the sound of ancient instruments creates a tense climate as it flows into guitar distortions and electronic loops.

Monday, 14th Aug.: Icon
life electronic

The music of the band Icon opens us spaces we otherwise would not dare enter, persists and flows even deeper, into new stories, new images, new melodies. Their music is a dialogue between hidden places within us and galaxies, a dialogue between the soul and harmonies, between me and you. So Icon has no plans, no wish to prove anything, to convince or conquer. The sole ambition of their music is to erase borders, to inspire, to touch the most hidden spaces within.

Tuesday, 15th Aug.: Hamo & Tribute to love band
naughty blues rock

Experienced rockers cannot wait for the explosion of energy and love at Kamfest's Main Stage. The productive concert series continues throughout this summer and plans to heat up the audience in Kamnik. The lads promise an explosive and naughty blues rock mixture, meanwhile we expect an ecstasy of sound, as their last album reaps numerous appraisals by critics, exposing it as one of the most honest music products of the recent years.

Wednesday, 16th Aug.: Kamnik City Band
big band

The local City Band will introduce itself in an entirely different image than ever before. They will enter the Main Stage with a complete harmony of big band, rhythms of jazz, blues and dixieland. These are musicians with enviable experience from performing not bound to local or national environment. Under the leadership of Martin Dukarič, they will surely produce sounds to enliven the happening at the Main Stage.

Thursday, 17th Aug.: Uroš Perić
blues soul jazz

Uroš is currently said to be one of the best musicians on the Slovene music scene.

Which is no wonder, as he has been in the business for quite some time; he started aged twelve by playing and singing jazz standards of the world renowned giants, but also appeased his soul playing blues, soul and gospel. He is an outstanding vocalist, pianist and interpreter of Ray Charles, who has practically rounded the world concerting; he has performed nearly everywhere - from USA to Africa.

Friday, 18th Aug.: Zaa
ska post rock jazz

Kamfest will host a Serbian concert attraction, proclaimed by the critics and music experts as one of the most promising bands from the area of the former Yugoslavia as well as one of the most interesting music creations lately. The band boasts with their energetic and excellent vocalist, whose vocal skills have been heard all around Europe and even in Australia (yes, they sent her to Eurosong). The band presents a fresh conglomerate of various music genres, performed in a very peculiar manner.

Saturday, 19th Aug.: Neca Falk - Maček Muri and Muca Maca
poetical-musical project

Maček Muri and Muca Maca are not only dusty legends, as after thirty years, they are still lively and youthful in the poems of Kajetan Kovič, performed by Neca Falk and Jerko and Miro Novak on guitar. Thus, Milan Dekleva described the project as a place, where the author of the music (Jerko Novak) nonchalantly swung together the heritage of global ethno music and cleaved it into rock and improvisation, thereby leaving left it no other option but to become eternal.



every day at 9.30 pm in the Keršmanc Park

The Kamfest’s Evening Stage will “traditionally” change location again. It was on a different place during every former festival and some years even on several locations. In the last two years this stage was sunbathing by the Veronika Coffee-house, but this year it is moving closely to the Main Stage. There will be more room for those who wish to dance, but unfortunately no stairs to sit on in warm evenings and drink well-deserved beer.

Though, what is firmly anchored in the Evening Stage, is the rebel programme. When leaving the site of the Main Stage, you will come across stinging, stroking, vibrating and sometimes smashing music just around the corner.

We will start with a singer-songwriter Daniel Vezoja and continue a bit more jazzy with Container Doxa. On Sunday, we will meet the luxuriant buzzing world of electronics with Darla Smoking, on Monday jump up and down with Clockwork Psycho and on Tuesday dream with Haiku Garden. On Wednesday, our knees will vibrate to the beats of Good Vibrations, as a day later, we will witness the dark side of love through Malamor. Lastly, the treat of Kamfest will take place in the rhythms of Fool Nation.


Friday, 11th Aug.: Daniel Vezoja

Daniel Vezoja first introduced himself as a member of the Train Station band and after that focused on solo performance and his great love - writing music. He is tightly bound to Ireland, where he recorded his first album, which launched him to the Slovene music scene as a solo performer.

Saturday, 12th Aug.: Container Doxa
techno jazz

Again, the jazzy rhythms will not bypass Kamfest - the first Saturday evening will provide an explosion of urban frequencies. We will see performances by leading artists from on the Slovene music scene, who will make even the jazz sceptics’ ears twitch.

Sunday, 13th Aug.: Darla Smoking
etno ambiental electronic

This is a fresh project, made by two well-experienced actors from the local underground - one in charge of rhythm and the other to manipulate samples, electronics and smoky soundscapes. Darla is a firm, dub-based music entity, in which contemporary intertwines with folk heritage and tradition.

Monday, 14th Aug.: Clockwork Psycho
psychobilly punk rock

In November 2011, Clockwork Lilith and Al Eržen came to the idea of forming a new band. As they are both musicians with many years of experience from industrial metal, ska punk, oi and punk bands of Ljubljana, the idea quickly developed and came to realisation. Dogz joined them soon after and that was it.

Tuesday, 15th Aug.: Haiku Garden
post rock

Haiku garden is surely one of the most convincing young Slovene bands of this time. Their recipe is not simple, but it works. The main ingredient is shoegaze, combined with a good dose of indie and spiced up with a unique mixture of dream pop and noise rock. They break guitar barriers with extremely contagious melodies and create a psychedelic pop atmosphere with their floating vocals.

Wednesday, 16th Aug.: Good Vibrations

A long lost collective of soul mates has finally found its place under the sun. After a few years of exploring Jamaican rhythms, Good Vibrations are ready to set out into the wide world and rock everyone's knees in an eight-member reggae and ska form. Definitely a good reason not to leave immediately after Wednesday's Main Stage concert.

Thursday, 17th Aug.: Malamor
cabaret soul-punk

The Malamor group creates at the genre crossroads between cabaret, latino, swing, soul, rockabilly and all the way to psychedelia and garage punk. Their songs are written in English, Spanish, Italian and French. This unusual blend of styles and idioms is a reflection of long voyages by the singer Sanaa Taha, a girl whose roots grow from Trieste and the Arabic world and who spent a major part of her life in Mexico.

Friday, 18th Aug.: Fool Nation

Kamnik locals. A promising band. This can be seen in a blend of good old rock, psychedelic-expressionistic texts, modern sound and all sorts of solo supplements. They have various idols, present in traces of rock, blues, even funk and jazz. When creating, they like to leave the door open to freedom and are not fond of limitations.



from 12th to 18th August at 9 pm

The Mekinje Monastery is a new infrastructural acquisition of the Kamnik Municipality. A grand one. The splendid building, reigning over Kamnik for almost a thousand years, is beautifully furnished, just enough mysterious, yet hospitable and open. We believe it deserves your attention as such, but just in case, we added an excellent cinema programme by our lasting co‑producers, the Domžale City Cinema, which will, for the first time, provide seven successive film nights. In Slovenia we have a lovely habit of not synchronising films, which means you can enjoy them in original languages.




from 12th to 18th August at 9 pm

At the front part of the former gunpowder factory, there is a building that could be a castle, though it is not. Likewise, the factory could still be producing gunpowder in these stirring times, though it does not. Katzenberg, which got its name after Cats Hill where it lies, is faced with an uncertain fate, although it will probably be just fine.

Three years ago it hosted theatre performances, then the Kamnik youth set up their Panj in it, a year later we added a cinema, last year it became a shelter for the artistic homeless and this year it is freshly inviting us to a multicultural panorama of various artistic practices and impressions of the modern world.

The rooms and hallways will be once filled with swing dancers, another time with poets, theatre improvisers and sometime in between we will have a peak in the books and read a line or two. Kamnik, more specifically Katzenberg, is expecting the return of an excellent local multimedia artist Tadej Droljc with his brand new installation. And in the end, we will again burn unbelievers in the Pilenai fortress.

Most of all, the Katzenberg programme will offer one thing that we are all very happy about: pure Kamnik creativity wrapped in the cellophane of various theatre, literary and dance genres.


Saturday, 12th Aug.: Great Gatsby Show
swing evening

The one and only Great Gatsby is coming directly to Kamnik, precisely Katzenberg, and will immediately take the mansion by storm. Of course we cannot avoid breaking the prohibition rules and dancing to the swing rhythms. Katzenberg welcomes everyone who wants to dance the night in an idyllic ambient and atmosphere of the twenties. Don’t forget the dress code.

Sunday, 13th Aug.: Kukushai
Sunday concert at Katzenberg

The avant garde pop trio will introduce original music, flirting with jazz, rock and even punk. The band of a pianist, vocalist and drummer will deliver a recognizable medley of melodic elements and unusual harmonic and rhythmic textures, enriched with the strand of several vocal lines. But don’t let that mislead you and don’t take it too personal. Come and hear it for yourself.

Monday, 14th Aug.: Pest besed (“A fist of words”)
evening of slam poetry

In Slovenia, slam poetry has emerged even in the town that hosts Kamfest. The concept of slam poetry is a poetic contest where the unknown as well as known poets strive for the most innovative and lifelike interpretation of their poetry, while their artistic persuasiveness is decided upon by the audience and a professional jury. The Kamnik finale, which is also the semi-finale of the state slam poetry contest, will for the second time take place during Kamfest.

Tuesday, 15th Aug.: Matej Droljc: Capillaries, capillaries
multimedia installation

Capillaries Capillaries is an audiovisual composition, expanding the idea of an audiovisual object into an audio-visual-time object. It is a weave of interactions between sound, geometry and time. The audio-visual-time object is seen as a (meta)physical material inside a high-voltage continuum, whose density originates from the unbalance between different forces, thus expanding the material in different directions. Definitely not to be missed.

Wednesday, 16th Aug.: Slovenologija
discussion evening

The new book by Noaha Charney titled Slovenologija presents 38 sharp and humorous texts by an author who has lived in Kamnik for several years and has closely observed the beauties and oddities of the country he says he is in love with. He draws the coordinates of cultural, societal and political realm in this subalpine land, using a vivid touch for the wee trivial details. Some of those sharp remarks may also be heard at the book discussion evening at Katzenberg.

Thursday, 17th Aug.: Duva Svva and ImproIgre
improvisational comedy

In the last year, improvisational theatre has made a comeback to the Kamnik performance scene. Strong primary-school and high-school groups are only the ground of ImproIgre, an excellent youth theatre group, working on improvisational theatre. Guests of the evening are two experienced impro professionals and stand-up comics Rok Bohinc and Sašo Stare with their promising impro form Duva Svva, which has already enraptured subscribers of the Stand Up ticket at the Kamnik Culture House. Surely the most amusing event of this year's Kamfest.

Friday, 18th Aug.: Pilenai
fire show

The Lithuanian fortress that burned together with thousands who believed in, as Prešeren would say, the goddess Živa, is merely a metaphor in this fierce fire, blazing up in an imaginary, but not fictitious place, somewhere between the north and south, east and west. The current topics of political ignorance burn down in an impetuous diesel punk, eventually blurring out even those boundaries that used to be so clear.