​11th to 19th AUGUST

EVERY DAY FROM 5 pm TO 11 pm   


Dear visitors of Kamnik and Kamfest Summer Festival

Welcome to Kamnik, a town in the bosom of the Kamnik mountains. Some may also call it a town on the way to the tops and for others it will always be the town with the final railway station. The credit for the mere existence of the railway goes to the Kamnik industry, which blossomed at the end of the 19th century and enabled rapid development of the town that lasted until the time Slovenia gained its independence.
Kamfest sets up interesting sites every year to remind us of this rich industrial heritage. This year’s speciality is the stage at Katzenberg, the former administrative building of the Kamnik gunpowder factory. The mysterious Kamnik’s Area 51 is absolutely worth seeing.

Kamfest will take place on three locations in the north part of the town, only a few steps from the bus and railway station.
Want to take the bus from Ljubljana to Kamfest and back? Easy. Just inform the driver that you are going to Kamfest and enjoy the ride. For free.



The last of Kamnik's proletarians, Marko Kumer and Goran Završnik, the former as a professional from the Kamnik Intermunicipal Museum and the latter as a performer obsessed with industrial heritage will, again, break new ground. This time with the first guided tour through the fascinating remains and memoirs of the Kamnik industry. The tour will take us from the Kamnik Intermunicipal Museum to the old power plant at Titan factory, past Svilanit factory and Utok pit, all the way to the gunpowder facility, where a short farce on the drowning of Slovene companies will take place at the administrative building Katzenberg.

Participants will be provided with bus transport and drinking water. Mandatory applications and all other information are available on the number +386 70 405 484.

The first tour takes place on Saturday, 19th August, from 10 am to 12 pm, and the second tour on Sunday, 20th August, from 4 pm to 6 pm. Both tours start on the courtyard of Kamnik Intermunicipal Museum at the Zaprice Castle.

The Kamnik industrial heritage tourist tour is part of the accompanying programme for the joint exhibition of museums of Gorenjska titled OUR FACTORIES, OUR PRIDE.